Institution: University of Saskatchewan
Department: Applied Social Psychology, Department of Psychology
Contact: Dr. Karen Lawson
Department of Psychology
University of Saskatchewan
9 Campus Drive
Saskatoon, SK, S7N 5A5

Description: The Applied Social Psychology Program offers a specialization in evaluation in its Master’s and doctoral programs. Students are trained to carry out basic and field research and to serve as research and evaluation consultants in a variety of community and organizational settings. The two year Master’s program integrates training in social psychological theory, research design and methodology, statistics, program evaluation, and independent research. Emphasis on evaluation skills training is provided through diverse practicum and internship placements.


Course Number: PSY 810
Course Title: Methods of Applied Social Research
Description: An advanced coverage of survey development (including question, wording, and format), research interview techniques, and psychometric properties of multi-item scales. The focus will be on methods typically used in social science research.
Instructor: Lisa Jewell
Terms Offered: Winter [every other year starting January 2014]

Course Number: PSY 811
Course Title: Program Evaluation
Description: An intensive analysis of the processes of developing and evaluating human service programs. Major topics include the articulation of program goals, the development of measures, evaluation designs and statistical techniques.
Instructor: Karen Lawson
Terms Offered: Winter

Course Number: PSY 903
Course Title: Internship in Applied Social Psychology
Description: This course consists of supervised field work in a community agency or organization. Each student will be under the direct supervision of an individual faculty member and an on-site supervisor from the agency/organization. This field work can be an applied research project (usually some aspect of program evaluation) and/or it can be substantial involvement in ongoing program planning or program development.
Instructor: Karen Lawson
Terms Offered: Summer

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