Institution: University of Alberta
Department: Department of Educational Psychology, Faculty of Education
Community-Based Research and Evaluation, Faculty of Extension
Contact: Dr. Cheryl Poth
Center for Research in Applied Measurement and Evaluation
Department of Educational Psychology
Faculty of Education
Tel: 780-492-1141
Or: Dr. Stanley Varnhagen
Evaluation and Research Services
Faculty of Extension
Tel: 780-492-3641

Description: The Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Extension offer evaluation courses within existing graduate programs. The Department of Educational Psychology offers a focus on evaluation within the measurement, evaluation, and cognition program area as well as informal internship opportunities in a variety of settings. Current plans include cataloguing courses and evaluation units, developing an evaluation network and coordinating course offerings so courses complement each other. The University of Alberta is working toward creating a cross-faculty evaluation entity to facilitate evaluative research and increase contact between evaluators and the larger community.


Course Number: EDPY 615
Course Title: Program Evaluation
Description: This course will introduce students to the theoretical ideas and practical applications of program evaluation.
Instructor: Cheryl Poth
Terms Offered: Fall (and Winter when needed)

Course Number: COMM 553
Course Title: Real World Evaluations Through Utilization-Focused Evaluations
Description: Senior seminar course examining the use of evaluation within various organizational contexts, with an emphasis on survey and focus-group methods. Student activities include development of an evaluation plan. Offered by asynchronous Internet communication.
Instructor: Stanley Varnhagen
Terms Offered: Fall

Course Number: SPH 631
Course Title: Health Program Evaluation
Description: Deals with the application of program evaluation for the health and social sciences fields. Emphasis is on the theory of program evaluation using various models, research design, and the application of these concepts by performing a program evaluation. Discussions will be centred around the ethics, reliability, validity, process, outcomes, and implications of various program evaluation models. Current and relevant publications in public health sciences complete this course.
Instructor: Zubia Mumtaz
Terms Offered: Winter 2018

Course Number: SPH 695
Course Title: Epidemiology of Injuries/Design and Evaluation of Injury Interventions
Description: An advanced course focusing on the review of current epidemiologic knowledge of injuries relating to the leading causes of injury, morbidity, and mortality. Strategies for data acquisition and use in injury research will be introduced. Tools will be presented that will allow students to develop the practical skills needed to design, implement, and evaluate injury prevention programs.
Instructor: Donal Voaklander
Terms Offered:  

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