Institution: University of Victoria
Department: School of Public Administration, Faculty of Human and Social Development
url: publicadmin/evaluation-program
Contact: Dr. Jim McDavid
School of Public Administration
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700, Stn CSC
Victoria BC, V8W 2Y2
Tel. 250-472-4293
Email: jmcdavid@uvic.ca

Description: The School of Public Administration offers part-time, online graduate Certificate and Diploma programs in evaluation. One course is offered in each consecutive semester, and it takes four semesters to complete the Certificate Program. The Diploma Program includes all of the Certificate courses as well as an evaluation project for a client, with academic supervision, typically completed over two semesters. Research and evaluation courses are also offered as electives in the Master and Doctoral programs in Public Administration. One field in the PhD Program is Applied Policy and Program Analysis and a required course in that field is ADMN 621: Policy and Program Evaluation and Performance. The Master of Public Administration Program is delivered both on-campus and entirely online.


Course Number: ADMN 537
Course Title: Program Evaluation and Performance Measurement
Description: Examines program evaluation and performance measurement in public and non-profit organizations. Emphasis is placed on acquiring skills needed to model programs, measure key constructs, select appropriate research designs to assess program effectiveness, and conduct both quantitative and qualitative program evaluations. System and organizational cultural issues involved in designing and implementing program performance measurement systems are introduced.
Instructors: Jim McDavid, Brian Vatne
Terms Offered: Fall

Course Number: ADMN 544
Course Title: Economic Evaluation Methods and Applications
Description: A practical introduction to the theory and methods of economic evaluation, including cost-benefit analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, and cost-utility analysis, with emphasis on public sector applications in the health and environmental fields.
Instructor: Lynda Gagné
Terms Offered: Fall

Course Number: ADMN 580
Course Title: Qualitative Evaluation Methods and Applications
Description: Exploration of the principles and practices of effective qualitative evaluation methods: planning; design strategies; data collection, analysis and reporting. Course work includes: selecting appropriate design strategies and sampling methods; collecting data using in-depth, open-ended interviews, fieldwork-based observations, participant observation, and documents; analyzing large volumes of qualitative data to produce clear, credible and relevant findings. The course will also examine strategies for integrating multiple lines of qualitative findings in evaluations.
Instructor: Thea Vakil, Marla Steinberg
Terms Offered: Spring

Course Number: ADMN 581
Course Title: Quantitative Methods for Public Policy Analysis & Program Evaluation
Description: This course introduces descriptive and inferential statistical methods for conducting quantitative program evaluations. Students will learn both statistical and graphical methods for summarizing and displaying patterns in data. Excel is the main software program used in this course.
Instructor: Jim MacGregor
Terms Offered: TBA

Course Number: ADMN 582
Course Title: Topics in Program Evaluation, Performance Measurement, Performance Management and Knowledge Management
Description: Designed to explore contemporary issues and problems in the field of evaluation and performance management. Topics will be selected for each offering of the course. Examples of topics to be included are: designing and implementing performance measurement systems for performance improvement and accountability, and evaluating complex programs using contribution analysis, program theory approaches and realist evaluation.
Instructor: Jim McDavid, Kim Speers and Brian Vatne
Terms Offered: Summer

Course Number: ADMN 596
Course Title: Evaluation Project (diploma students)
Description: Individual projects.
Instructor: N/A
Terms Offered: TBA

Course Number: ADMN 621
Course Title: Policy and Program Evaluation and Performance
Description: This course is one of the two field courses for the Policy and Program Analysis and Evaluation field in the PhD Program in the School of Public Administration (note that the School of Public Administration is not accepting students into the PhD Program at this time). The course is a seminar that covers the main approaches and issues in the evaluation field. Units in the course cover epistemological and methodological issues, key theoretical approaches to evaluation, and exemplars of evaluation work. Students read, present and discuss seminal and contemporary literature that has shaped the evaluation field. The course is offered in an intensive format – meeting twice a week in the May-July period of the Summer Semester.
Instructors: Jim McDavid and Thea Vakil
Terms Offered: Summer

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