Institution: Ryerson University
Department: Department of Psychology
url: http://www.ryerson.ca/psychology/graduate/ps/index.html
Contact: Kelly McShane, PhD, CPsych, CE
Department of Psychology
Ryerson University
350 Victoria Street
Toronto ON, M5B 2K3
Tel: 416-979-5000, ext 2051 (after pressing 1)
Email: kmcshane@psych.ryerson.ca

Description: Ryerson University offers graduate level evaluation courses in its MA and PhD programs in Psychology, as well as in its Early Childhood Studies, and Master of Nursing programs. Faculty and students in Psychology partner with community agencies to conduct program evaluations to support the implementation of evidence-based clinical and education programs. Certificate courses also offered.


Course Number: PS 8533
Program: Psychology
Course Title: Program Evaluation
Description: The course will provide knowledge and practice in the current methods for evaluating programs and services. Topics include: logic models; ethical issues; measurement of processes and outcomes; instrument development and selection; budgeting; data collection; analysis; and reporting and dissemination. Students will gain hands-on skills in needs assessment, process evaluation and outcome evaluation through service learning projects conducted in collaboration with local community organizations.
Instructor: K. McShane
Terms Offered: Fall or Winter

Course Number: CS 8935
Program: Social Services
Course Title: Human Service Evaluation
Description: This applied social research course introduces the principles and methods of evidence-based practice (EBP) in human service programs. Topics to be addressed include research design, methods of data collection, interpretation of statistics and the use of requests for proposals as a component of program evaluation. The course includes discussions of studies from the current literature, including work from peer-reviewed journals as well as work by human service agencies, government ministries and NGOs.
Instructor: F. Hare
Terms Offered: variable

Course Number: MN 8935
Program: Nursing
Course Title: Program Planning and Evaluation
Description: Health care professionals are responsible for designing, implementing, and evaluating programs targeting patients, staff, or care delivery. This course prepares students to assume this responsibility by providing theoretical knowledge and practical skills for planning a program, monitoring its implementation, and evaluating its impact on outcomes. This course focuses on strategies for designing a program, for planning and monitoring a program implementation, and for evaluating the effectiveness of a program in achieving the desired outcomes.
Instructor: S. Sidani
Terms Offered: Winter


Course Number: PPA402/CPPA402
Program: Public Administration and Governance
Course Title: Program Planning and Evaluation
Description: This course examines key concepts and issues in program evaluation, program planning and performance measurement. It will consider essential theories and practices of program planning and evaluation in the public sector and focus on the decision-making process. The role of public sector management will be scrutinized in light of the program formulation process and issues around the management of the evaluation process. Through the use of case studies, the course will also consider problems of political and administrative accountability.
Instructor: P. Dutil, F. Deller
Terms Offered: Varies year-to-year


Course Number: CINP 902
Program: Arts Program, Chang School
Course Title: Program Evaluation
Description: In the current climate of increased demands for public accountability, nonprofit organizations need to develop sound program planning and evaluation skills. Both funding and public demands for internal and external accountability at the program and organizational levels will be explored. This course will focus on the development of knowledge and skills to plan and evaluate programs and services in a variety of human service organizations. Topics include models of evaluation and strategies for assessing accountability.
Instructor: Varies year to year
Terms Offered: Varies year-to-year

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