Institution: Carleton University
Department: School of Public Policy and Administration
Contact: Dr. Robert Shepherd
School of Public Policy and Administration
Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive, 5126RB
Ottawa, ON, K1S 5B6
Tel: 613-520-2600 ext. 2257

Description: The School of Public Policy and Administration offers an online Graduate Diploma in Public Policy and Program Evaluation as of Fall 2016. Its aim is to train evaluators in the methods and management of evaluations. It comprises four core courses and two practicum courses. The diploma program accepts 20-25 students per year and is targeted to potential new evaluators and mid-career professionals across disciplines. Students can use the Diploma Program to ladder to the Master’s program in Public Policy and Administration. New initiatives at Carleton include: a newly revised two-course practicum that requires students to come into the online program with a program to evaluate for course credit; revised courses in benefit-cost analysis, and a new course in quantitative research methods for evaluation with a focus on survey methods. Recent practicum projects have been completed with the Department of National Defence, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, United Way of Ottawa, Queensway-Carleton Health Centre, EcoEquitable Ottawa, Ottawa-Carleton Public School Board, City of Ottawa, Toronto Police Service, and various Indigenous organizations.


Course Number: PADM 5441 (Core)
Course Title: Introduction to Policy and Program Evaluation
Description: Selected concepts, issues, and processes in applied governmental planning and evaluation, utilizing both Canadian and comparative experiences.
Instructor: Robert Shepherd
Terms Offered: Fall 1

Course Number: PADM 5442 (Core)
Course Title: Quantitative Research Methods in Evaluation
Description: Descriptive statistics, probability theory and sampling distributions, hypothesis testing, survey methods and analysis.
Instructor: Benoit Gauthier
Terms Offered: Fall 1

Course Number: PADM 5443 (Core)
Course Title: Qualitative Research Methods in Evaluation
Description: Methods used in qualitative policy and evaluation research. Includes content analysis, focus group and interview methods and analysis. Instruction in NVivo technology and analysis.
Instructor: Anil Varughese
Terms Offered: Winter

Course Number: PADM 5445 (Practicum I)
Course Title: Evaluation Research Designs
Description: Approaches to evaluation research designs including theory-based evaluation, RCT designs, effectiveness and performance designs. This course is the first of two courses in applied evaluation research on actual projects. Students are required to present their evaluation designs to their clients.
Instructor: Steven Montague and Jane Whynot
Terms Offered: Winter

Course Number: PADM 5444 (Core)
Course Title: Benefit-Cost Analysis for Program Evaluation
Description: An examination of various types of effect and impact analysis: institutional arrangements; results-based management; and economic and social benefit analysis.
Instructor: Diane Simsovic
Terms Offered: Spring/Summer

Course Number: PADM 5446 (Practicum II)
Course Title: Data Analysis, Findings and Reporting Methods in Evaluation
Description: This course is the second of two practicum courses that focuses on data collection, coming to findings from data gathering, data analysis, and reporting methods and approaches. Students are required to present their final reports to their clients.
Instructor: Daniel Caron
Terms Offered: Fall 2

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