About Us

The Consortium of Universities for Evaluation Education (CUEE) is a collaborative partnership among universities, government and the Canadian Evaluation Society for the purpose of building capacity in graduate-level education and training in Canada. CUEE is a voluntary association of institutions and programs that is dedicated to expanding graduate level opportunities for evaluation education and training across Canada. CUEE was created in 2008 as part of a multi-organizational strategy to increase opportunities for current and prospective evaluation professionals to acquire the knowledge and skills required to become evaluation practitioners. The Canadian Evaluation Society has implemented a program to credential evaluators – the Credentialed Evaluator designation includes a requirement for education and training that can be satisfied by successfully completing a graduate-level credential in evaluation.


The goal of CUEE is to increase access to graduate credentials (certificates, diplomas and degrees) in Evaluation by creating and sustaining opportunities for students and practitioners to take courses for university credit. The Consortium is committed to increasing the accessibility of graduate education. The vision is that students and practitioners will be able to access courses and programs from one or more of the Consortium institutions and have their coursework credited towards a credential in their “home” institution.


The Consortium of Universities for Evaluation Education aims to:

  • increase the number of qualified evaluators in Canada by providing education opportunities for evaluators wanting to obtain the Canadian Evaluation Society’s Credentialed Evaluator designation
  • build capacity among Canadian academic institutions to develop and offer advanced education/training for professional evaluators
  • enhance students’ access to high quality graduate level instruction in evaluation
  • support the development of graduate certificate and degree programs in evaluation by sharing course syllabi, proposals for credentials and other materials
  • operate nationally
  • be self-sustaining
  • be governed by the academic institution partners, with input from other key partners.

Guiding Principles

The Consortium of Universities for Evaluation Education is committed to:

  • increasing access to quality graduate level instruction in evaluation through a mix of in-person course offerings and internet-based (or distance mode) delivery mechanisms
  • providing pre-service and in-service professional development for evaluation practitioners that is informed by contemporary theory and professional practice
  • ensuring shared access to programs and courses among Consortium members
  • focusing on students’ needs
  • maintaining high academic standards as defined within respective provincial jurisdictions and member universities
  • upholding the highest professional standards and ethics of professional practice in the field
  • respecting evaluation as an interdisciplinary domain of inquiry
  • valuing the diversity of information needs of the evaluation community and contexts for practice
  • respecting Consortium members’ interests and autonomy
  • responding to market trends and opportunities in government, voluntary, private and other sectors.

Contact Us

CUEE Secretariat
c/o School of Public Administration
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700, Stn CSC
Victoria BC
V8W 2Y2 Canada
Tel 250-472-4293
Fax 250-721-8849

Email cuee@uvic.ca